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Boondock Saints II

And now that’s done.  Save yourselves two hours and skip it.  The first movie was fairly ridiculous, but I found it enjoyable.  This one is supposed to be more over-the-top, but somehow succeeds only in coming off as overly impressed … Continue reading

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This Could Be Fun

“I’m so fucking smart I make smart people look retarded.” Less than 10 minutes into Boondock Saints II: All Saint’s Day, and I’m rewarded with this gem (amongst others).  Updates to follow if the film warrants.

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Why Politics Don’t Matter

What the events of the last ten years have demonstrated is that a drawly Southern Republican and a clipped Northern Democrat will substantively govern in the same manner, engage the same means, and pursue the same ends. –IOZ This is … Continue reading

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War Wankery is Indiscriminate

Casualties on all sides.  You should read this entire Charli Carpenter post, but if you need the one sentence summary, Robert Farley nails it.  As for why the wankery?  Read the other comments.  Morans.

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Bungie > Infinity Ward

Why?  Because you don’t wind up with scores like 7500-1700 in Halo. Seriously, I played a match a few weeks ago where one of the players had 54 kills and 3 deaths.  That shouldn’t happen.  It wasn’t a fun round … Continue reading

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The Shrinking Marines

Better than a year ago, Armchair Generalist asked “What Does The Marine Corps Want To Be?”  Today, in a speech at CSIS, Navy Undersecretary Bob Work offered a little more on that front, but only a little. Work’s basic point … Continue reading

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Cool New Blog Backstory here.

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