The Dumbest Article Published by a Major Magazine that I Have Ever Read

So I haven’t really updated this blog in a bit.  Mostly because I’m busy.  But also because the odds are that I’ll never write an article read nearly as widely as the one written by Jeffrey Lord over at The American Spectator today.  And that’s just sad, because while I might not be the best writer around, or the most knowledgeable, I’ll never write anything as fucking stupid as Lord’s article.

Lord, who I won’t link, offered his fresh take on the Shirley Sherrod affair today.  He argues that Sherrod lied in her story by claiming that her relative, Bobby Hall was lynched.  You see, he wasn’t hanged, merely beaten to death on the courthouse steps by friends of the local sheriff.  And, of course, everyone knows that lynching means hanging.

Except that it doesn’t.  Literally, this man wrote 4000 words accusing someone of lying because he doesn’t know what a relatively common word means.  Worse, not a single one of his editors picked up a dictionary to check him.

I have trouble believing that everyone was that negligent.  I have a sneaking suspicion that, if that abortion of an article was edited, at least one or two people realized there was a problem, but also realized that the article was inflammatory enough to drive up traffic to the American Spectator.

That’s not even all that’s wrong with the piece, incidentally.  Apparently, Sherrod is also being dishonest by not mentioning all the Democrats who have been racist in the past as well.  Read Balko if you want the full takedown.

Kudos to Quin Hillyer, Philip Klein, and John Tabin for calling Lord and, implicitly, the editors at The American Spectator for this foolishness.  There once was a time that I enjoyed reading that publication (I especially enjoyed Eric Peters’s writing).  However, with apologies to Hillyer, Klein, Tabin, and others, I don’t believe I’ll be frequenting any of their websites much in the future.  I just don’t trust their editorial policy.

Update: Add W. James Antle, III to the list of American Spectator writers willing to show some intellectual honesty and some amount of courage for standing up to their wayward colleague.  Jeff Lord, by contrast…(read his comments in that last link if you want to see the depths to which someone will sink in an attempt to avoid having to admit that he’s wrong).


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