Snap Judgments

So I still stand by everything said in the last post.  But if this report by Max Blumenthal is to be believed, then I may have to be slightly more generous to the ISM figure.

So the Israeli military broadcast its plan for violence, inciting the Israeli public and the soldiers of Unit 13 with fevered visions of a kill-or-be-killed encounter with a group of Arab “terrorists.” The stated conditions for using live fire were arbitrary and poorly defined, giving the commandos little direction and lots of leeway to kill — at the very least the plan demanded force in some form.

Now, I’d still take what Blumenthal reports with some measure of caution.  We’re translating language that was probably never meant to spell out clearly and exactly what rules of engagement were.  But it is a reminder that all the facts are not in on this incident yet, and I should probably extend the benefit of the doubt to anyone commenting on it.


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